eBook- 6-Signs-it’s -Time -To-Automate-CDM

6 Signs it’s Time to Automate Channel Data Management

If your company is like most in the high-tech industry, channel sales represent 70% or more of your corporate revenue. Are you managing that channel business with the same immediacy and effectiveness as you manage your direct business? Using Model N CDM, companies can reduce operational costs as much as 70%.

Download this eBook to learn that with timely channel data in hand, you can quickly adjust sales forecast and plans for changing field or market conditions and grow revenue. Model N CDM collects, standardizes, validates, and enriches POS, APOS, inventory, and SISO data so you can:

  • Optimize product promotions by aligning investment and market-share data
  • Accelerate decision-making with more accurate market data
  • Track sales against opportunities, quotes, and contracts
  • Increase channel sales up to 10%

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