Sales Conductor On-Demand Webinar

Learn how the right CRM can unlock the true value of your Salesforce platform

For semiconductors, precision and accuracy are the name of the game. One-size fits all solutions have no place in your industry. And yet semiconductor sales and marketing teams are regularly saddled with generic CRM systems.

The results aren’t pretty.

  • 70% of semiconductor and component manufacturers report they are unhappy with their CRM
  • 50% report a decline in sales effectiveness

So what would a precision CRM look like, and what could it do for you? In this valuable on-demand webinar Model N’s Principal Solutions Consultant, Shankar Saikia, and DIGS Consulting show you how a CRM that’s built specifically for you can dramatically increase conversion rates, expand your margins and let you spend more time closing deals and less time building workarounds.

You’ll learn how Model N Sales Conductor leverages all of the functionality in Salesforce CRM while delivering mission-critical capabilities for semiconductor and electronic components manufacturers.

Topics include:

  • Effectively track design registrations and wins
  • Line item NBO/registration tracking
  • Transfer business
  • Multiple forecasting periods
  • Global customer hierarchies
  • Solution selling to support M&As
  • Holistic NBO views

Speaker Bio

Kiran Ramakrishnan
Kiran Ramakrishnan
Management Consultant
DIGS Consulting

Ramakrishnan has more than 20 years of international sales and marketing experience. He has led teams for sales methodology, Pricing and Channel Management, CRM Opportunity Management and Salesforce and Forecasting. He is also an expert at Distribution Push programs, Business Intelligence, and management dashboards that ensure profitable growth. Ramakrishnan holds an Engineering degree from Furtwangen University in Germany and an MBA from Schiller University in France.

Shankar Saikia width=
Shankar Saikia
Principal Solution Consultant
Model N

Shankar Saikia is a Senior Solutions Consultant in the Model N High Tech organization. He provides functional, industry and technical expertise that helps sales reps sell innovative enterprise software solutions to organizations around the world. Shankar has domain expertise in CRM, supply chain, discrete manufacturing and analytics in the hardware, semiconductors and components sectors. He has worked at leading software companies like Oracle, Netsuite, and Google.

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