On-Demand Webinar: Maximizing Revenue in the Digital Era

Are you losing sales because your reps administrative tasks prevent them from spending more time with customers? Does it take too long to get a quote approved? Do your reps struggle to sell an increasingly complex product catalog?

You’re not alone—96% of sales teams say they’d be more successful with more customer selling time. Streamlining the quoting process can make a big impact for sales organizations.

View this On-Demand webinar by Tom Speas, Vice President Corporate Marketing at Southern States, and Bernard Gutierrez, Vice President Global Solution Consulting at Model N, to see how sales teams use modern Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology to:

  • Spend 40% more selling time with customers
  • Respond first with an accurate quote
  • Accelerate quote approvals to win more business
  • Maximize margins by digitally reinventing the sales experience
  • Tame product catalogs gone wild

Tom shared the results Southern States achieved using Model N CPQ to simplify its complex quoting process and drive sales.

On-Demand Webinar!