Revvy Sales Webinar

Webinar presented by:

Chanan Greenberg,
Vice President and General Manager, Model N

With single digit growth, semiconductor companies cannot afford to leave up to 50M on 1B in sales on the table each year due to lost opportunities, poor volume and price compliance, channel over payments and other forms of price erosion. Attend this webinar to see how leading semiconductor companies like STMicroelectronics, Atmel, ON Semiconductor and Microchip have successfully reduced revenue leakage in their sales cycle leading to improved margins and increased market share by

  • Improving volume compliance
  • Improving global discounting controls
  • Eliminating toxic pricing
  • Improving pocket share of end-customer pricing

Speaker Bio

Chanan Greenberg

Over the past ten years Chanan Greenberg has engaged with more than 50 semiconductor companies in the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea to assist in their sales operations with pricing and margin improvement initiatives. He has authored several whitepapers on global price management and revenue management. Before joining Model N, Chanan was founder and CEO of Privia Inc, where he worked for six years with top 20 government contractors, including Boeing and Lockheed to improve their business development and government bidding processes. Prior to that he served as CEO of Click Online and spent seven years working with high-tech OEM manufacturers, primarily focused on consumer products.

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