Webinar presented by:

Kiran Ramakrishnan
Director, Sales Operations & Pricing,
Rae Thompson,
Sr. Analyst, Sales Operations Infrastructure,

With limited organic growth and accelerated market consolidation, growth often means winning market share at the expense of your competitors. With this in mind, Atmel Corporation realized it needed to do things differently. Considering that 70% of semiconductor companies report dissatisfaction with their CRM investments and as many as 50% claim to experience a decline in sales productivity after implementing a CRM solution, Atmel chose the only CRM solution built on the Salesforce1 platform, exclusively for semiconductor and component manufacturers, Revvy Sales by Model N.

The intent was to provide sales personnel with tools to help them sell more and spend less time on data entry, focus on selling to more qualified prospects, and be better equipped to collaborate across the company and create compelling solutions for customers. Atmel wanted to create an environment that would allow sales to do all their work, including reviewing and approving design registrations and managing quotes, all within one user interface.

Join this webinar to learn how Atmel successfully implemented Revvy Sales within less than 6 months and was able to:

  • Increase the number of opportunities in the funnel by 10%
  • Increase managed activities focused on selling by 300%
  • Deliver a single framework in which opportunities, design registrations, quotes and POS data are all accessible to sales at the office and on the go.

Speaker Bios

Kiran Ramakrishnan
Kiran Ramakrishnan is Director of Sales Operations and Pricing at Atmel in San Jose, California. Ramakrishnan has more than 20 years of international sales and marketing experience. In his role, he oversees and leads the teams for sales methodology, Pricing and Channel Management, CRM Opportunity Management and Salesforce and Forecasting. He also manages Distribution Push programs, Business Intelligence in and management dashboards to ensure profitable growth. Ramakrishnan holds an Engineering degree from Furtwangen University in Germany and a MBA from Schiller University in France.

Rae Thompson
Rae Thompson has been in the semiconductor industry for eleven years primarily focused on sales operations, infrastructure and pricing. He is focused on architecting processes and solutions to improve operational efficiency and sales enablement. He has led deployments of MDM, CRM, revenue management and supply chain applications at Atmel. Thompson is very interested in big data management and analytics, streamlining the online sales experience and maximizing the value of data harnessed through channel data.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 | 10:00 am PT