Reg COmpliance

Webinar presented by

Maria Mangler,
Director, Contracts, Pricing and Reimbursement
TOLMAR Pharmaceuticals

Maria Mangler is a seasoned professional in Revenue Management and has a unique perspective on what it takes for emerging Life Sciences leaders to transform Contracts, Pricing and Government reporting processes.

Every year, the Pharmaceutical industry leaves $11B of unnecessary revenue on the table, by miscalculating Government Pricing, mismanaging payer incentive rebates, and allowing local maverick pricing and discounting.

Hear how Maria has re-engineered processes and put in place best-in-class solutions to maximize revenue and drive growth. She has been successful in driving business-critical transformation projects at many pharmaceutical companies including Astellas, Actient, Auxilium, and now TOLMAR.

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Webinar Highlights

1 Why Regulatory Compliance and Contract Management have shifted from pure operations to strategic growth drivers
2 How companies gain visibility into their Gross-to-Net and accelerate net revenue growth through best-in-class revenue processes
3 How breakthrough software innovation and cost effective solutions deliver this value at a speed never seen before