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Accelerating Revenue through Channels: 8 Best Practices

WHITEPAPER:  Accelerating Revenue through Channels: 8 Best Practices

For today’s channel-intensive organizations, driving sales revenue while attracting and maintaining engagement with top-performing partners is essential not only for success, but survival.

But many are stuck trying to find that sweet spot in which they are able to provide enough incentive to motivate channel partners to sell their products without compromising profit margins. This requires robust capabilities to manage complex processes while maintaining forward momentum.

Still, many organizations lack the support systems they need to enable the productivity expected from channel operations.

What to do next? These organizations must evaluate their current approach and develop a proper strategy and plan of action.

In this paper, Revitas provides in-depth guidance by identifying four essential business objectives – and eight best practices for strategies and solutions to achieve those objectives. Download this white paper to learn how your organization can:

  • Simplify and streamline processes to improve efficiency
  • Execute incentive programs for enhanced bottom-line results
  • Better assess partner, program, and product effectiveness
  • Evolve strategies to meet evolving partner demands and market conditions

Regain control over your channel. Read this important white paper now!

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